Free Agency began last week, and the Los Angeles Rams still need a quarterback.

Sure they offered Case Keenum a tender, but he is not the long-term answer. The Rams need a signal-caller with more play making ability.

Peyton Manning already retired, so he is crossed off the Rams list.

Manning’s backup in Denver is also signed. Brock Osweiler signed a deal with the Houston Texans

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is the best veteran available. The journey-man quarterback threw 3,905 yards and 31 touchdowns with the New York Jets.

Last season, Fitzpatrick made $4 mill. in salary, but a break-out season deserves a pay-raise. However, he and the Jets are at a stalemate over Fitzpatrick’s value.

Insert the Rams. Fitzpatrick is the game manager who could work with the Rams running game. Regardless, the Rams may not meet Fitzpatrick’s price-tag either. Not to mention, Los Angeles would need to surround Fitzpatrick with a game-changer at receiver.

Robert Griffin III

Griffin seemed destined for greatness after a breakout rookie season. Injuries and coaches’ egos derailed all of that. Fast forward a few years and Griffin lost his starting job with Washington, before being cut.

In his career, Griffin threw 40 touchdowns and 23 interceptions. Maybe the Rams could salvage that potential.

On paper, a backfield of Todd Gurley and Griffin would be unstoppable on zone reads. Tayvon Austin might also be the speedster that Griffin could find deep. However, that is all theory.

It remains to be seen if Griffin can still be a starting quarterback. Regardless, Griffin is definitely worth a flier. The 26-year-old brings more potential than any other quarterback on the open market. Also noted, Griffin posed no distraction when he was a backup.

Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick is in a similar situation with the San Francisco 49ers. He once made a Super Bowl run with the team, but lost his starting job last season. Through eight starts, Kaepernick threw 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.

New head coach Chip Kelly seemed open to his return, but Kaepernick is adamant about a trade. He too brings a lot of potential as a young dual-threat quarterback.

However, Kaepernick is still under contract with his current team. That means the Rams would have to give up a draft pick to a NFC West rival. It also means the Rams would pick up Kaepernick’s contract which runs until 2020.

Therefore, Kaepernick may not be worth the investment.

The Verdict

Ultimately, none of these three quarterbacks may solve the Rams long-term quarterback solution. Therefore, the team may wait until April’s NFL Draft to add a quarterback.

That said, Griffin the third seems to have the least amount of risk and highest reward. Either way, Griffin will probably wait until Fitzpatrick and Kaepernick figure out their plans for 2016.