The Lions are legitimate…ly lucky. The Lions are getting lucky. The Lions are not winning these games. Their opponents are losing them. And if you disagree with this take, you are denying reality. The Lions aren’t good. They’re getting lucky.

Lets take a look at some facts.

Mike Zimmer stupidly calls a timeout on the Lions 1 yard line with 27 seconds left. Fact. (It’s 3rd down, down 4 points, and you have 2 shots to get in the endzone. Had Zimmer run the clock down to 15 seconds, the Vikings have more than enough time to run 2 plays and leave Detroit with virually no time.)

The Lions had 2 first downs before the final 4th quarter drive. Fact. (Winning teams put together 2nd half drives. It’s hard to argue that the Lions are “good” with a stat like that)

The Vikings offensive line is decimated and they ran up the middle on 4th and inches. Fact. (Sam Bradford was completing 75% of his passes and the Vikings ran the ball on 3rd and 2 and 4th and 1.)

Blair Walsh missed an extra point. Fact. (This really changed the entire game. It opens the door for a tie at the end of the game.)

And thats just this last game. Lets look at some of the other wins.

Washington Redskins fumble twice. Fact. (Matt Jones throws 7 points down the toilet with a fumble in the endzone. And Kirk Cousins botches a handoff in Lions territory late in the 3rd quarter. That’s 10+ points the Redskins should have had.)

Ryan Matthews fumbles late in the 4th quarter in Eagles territory. Fact. (Do I really need to explain this one?)

The Lions had no business winning the Vikings, Eagles, or Redskins games. There is really no way around it. For the record I am giving credit for the Colts and Rams wins. And for those of you who would say that the Lions got very unlucky against Tennessee with all the penalties, that’s fair. But the Lions had every opportunity to close that game out and came up short drive after drive after drive.

The Lions are getting lucky. And let me leave you with this insanely appropriate nugget of information. Only 2 teams this season have been trailing in EVERY SINGLE 4th quarter. The Browns and the Lions. The Browns are 0-9. The Lions are 5-4. If the Lions are so good, why have they been trailing in the 4th quarter in every game?

Case Closed.