New York Jets 16 Baltimore Colts 7 

Super Bowl III - January 12,1969
QB Joe Namath-MVP
So here we are, we are here. At this point for the Jets at least, everything is about not looking too far into the weeks ahead and only focusing on—one practice, one week, one game and one play at a time.
The conviction that anything is possible is true for any person who believes it to be true.  For the Jets in week 13 with a Dec. 5th Monday night match-up against the Indianapolis Colts, their 4th win of the season is contingent upon their playmaking abilities coupled with this belief no matter what.
Jets Defense 2Against Buffalo at the beginning of the season and then last Sunday against the Pats there were times when the Jets made me feel warm and fuzzy despite the twelve long weeks of cold confusion and uncertainty.

Perhaps this on again and off again will finally turn into something meaningful tomorrow night.

Like a lover who sometimes shows moments of incredible warmth and tenderness and then quickly goes days and weeks of being cold and distant, it’s now time to show the fans some love.
Yes, the Jets and the Colts have a history together.  And yes, even though it feels like a lifetime ago, the Jets did win the mothership in Super Bowl III.
Love me! Hold me! A reprieve please! So there is a rematch between the Jets and their nemesis on December 24, in Foxborough.  But until then, vengeance for the Jets comes in the form of winning the remaining matches leading up to NE and then the last of the season with Buffalo.
We know the Jets are capable of playing relentless defense because they demonstrated this to us for nearly 58:00 last Sunday holding the division leaders to 16 points. Fitz threw for 269 yards connecting with Marshall and Enunwa. Most importantly, Fitz had zero interceptions.

At this point, we are all victims of shock and so Monday nights’ matchup should be refreshing and quite entertaining for Jets fans as we see our team make their push towards .500. 

Jets Defense
We should also expect the Jets to do well for these reasons:  the Colts pass and rush defense is ranked 30t and 31st, respectively. To be fair, the Jets are ranked 29th in pass defense.  What is my point here? Two things; first, Matt Forte should have a huge night with multiple carries of 15 + yards while both B. Marshall and Quincy Enunwa pick fruit out of the air for huge gains. Second, the Jets rush defense is ranked 3rd and show no signs of rolling over for anyone. Remember, this is the same defense that held the Patriots scoreless in the 1st quarter for the first time since Brady was QB. Expect this to be a very unlucky night for Luck and the Colts.
So it’s a date.  Let’s see what happens next.
I’m ready and I hope you are too!