The addition of the Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is a move of strength. You never know when you’re going to need to power through, and having a reliable line-up doesn’t hurt in the least.

What the redskins seem to be preaching is reliability and stability. After a chaotic season they look to start this one firmly in the turf – with a team that’s both cohesive and dangerous on both sides of the football.

Saying this, it’s easy to understand McCloughan’s love for his cornerbacks. Having depth in this position is good for any team in the league and is a popular move to advocate for going into this draft.

This strategy is one that seldom fails. Even though Washington just signed Norman that doesn’t mean they wont be looking to add more in the draft. They definitely wont be disregarding the position.

MCCloughan quoted “I want to build through the draft, and I want to build with young guys.” We’re going to take a football player. A corner? We’d love to.”

For crying out loud the Redskins used Blackmon for 754 of the 1,010 defensive snaps that they played last season and he wasn’t even signed at the season opener. Dunbar, who also did a decent job last season spent most of the previous camp changing positions. He’s still in the transition from receiver.

Bottom line: McCloughan loves his cornerbacks and looks for those he can trust to provide depth. Depth is key to a dangerous defense for the coming season.

After establishing some stability on the offensive in the role of QB doing the same defensively is a smart and decent move on the Redskins part. A safe prediction for fans and those going into the draft tonight.

Let the rumors roar for as we wait a few hours more.