Well it happened, the first overtime game in Super bowl history ended after one drive from the Patriots and a 31-0 run for a Superbowl victory for New England. The final score was 34-28 and after the Falcons went up 28-3, the Patriots turned it on and mounted a furious comeback. I won’t go into the full game recap, because hopefully you saw this historic game unfold. Tom Brady has solidified his spot as the best QB in NFL history. The emotion were running high after the game and it’s a tough pain for all Falcons fans and players to endure. What will go down as one of the best Superbowl game ever will be the talk of the week, but it was a good season of NFL football and we hope to get ready for the NFL draft soon. Thanks for always reading and on behalf of everyone from FootballDrafting, congrats to the Patriots.