Up Next, the sixth pick: The New York Jets   
They are still processing and looking to add their quarterback to the plan. Which quarterback should they choose?
Since the end of the 2016 regular season, the Jets have eyed several quarterbacks throughout the league. Manish Mehta of New York Daily News reported back in January the Jets brought in Philadelphia Eagles practice squad quarterback Aaron Murray for a workout. Of which, nothing materialized.
Other players’ names thrown around were Colin Kaepernick, Tony Romo, Kirk Cousins, Mike Glennon and college BCS champion Deshaun Watson. But with these names, there are also scares, concerns and even a little baggage. Perhaps an unfortunate position for the Jets is that its draft selection follows three other NFL teams who definitely would not consider passing on Michael Jordan.”
Notwithstanding, alongside Watson’s name has been an asterick. According to Insider Buzz with Jason Cole, a question of whether he would succeed as a starter in the NFL.
Still processing…
What should New York Jets do with sixth overall pick in 2017 Draft?For Todd Bowles, this is probably the biggest decision he will make as a head coach in the big apple. Unfortunately, at this point a few months before the draft, he appears still stuck between two semi-trucks. On the one end, the Cleveland Browns have the number one pick and if they don’t choose Mr. Watson then most certainly one would expect the San Francisco 49ers or Chicago Bears to snag him.
But contraire mon frère, choosing a quarterback early in the draft may not be the best decision for the Jets. Here’s why:
To eliminate future misuse of player positions Jets could focus on filling outside linebacker, cornerback and tight end positions. With the addition of Kevin Greene (who coached the incomparable Clay Matthews) as OLB coach and John Morton as offensive coordinator there are capable pieces in place for a much more productive 2017 season.
But who should Jets fan hope to land behind center?

The most likely option is not necessarily the best option.

ESPN staff writer Rich Cimini noted that prior to dealing Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2015, the Jets Mike Maccagnan was looking to deal for Mike Glennon instead. About Glennon, Cimini also noted that “he displayed a big arm, but his accuracy was suspect and he struggled when pressured.”
He was a top quarterback in the 2013 draft and had accuracy issues then. He started 13 games his rookie year. Glennon threw for 19 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in 2013 and 10 touchdowns and 6 interceptions starting five games in 2014. Since, he has been the backup for Jameis Winston. Glennon would also costs the Jets valuable spending money.
Selecting a great quarterback later in the draft is not an impossible feat. Some of our favorite players both past and present were late draftees. For the Jets in this upcoming draft, there are preferably better quarterback options deeper in the draft.
One quarterback in the upcoming draft that may be better suited for the 2017 Gang Green?
Jerod Evans jets pick
Virginia Tech Hokies quarterback Jerod Evans (4). Photo by Matt Durisko/UPI
Now assuming these things occur: First, Deshaun Watson (Clemson) and Mitch Trubisky (North Carolina) are taken early at one and two by other quarterback desperate teams. And second, the Jets don’t pull the trigger too quickly.
Perhaps a better suited choice would be the eighth position of DraftWire USA Today’s choices, Jerod Evans.
Jerod Evans (Virginia Tech), from the Air Force Academy to Trinity Valley Community College to Virginia Tech, has set goals, exceeded those goals and continues to be a better teammate and leader towards achieving even greater goals. At six feet four inches and 235 pounds he is strong, smart and accurate. Even more, he also takes care of the ball. Entered the draft as a junior he is however considered by some experts to be an early entry.
Nonetheless, he was the Hokies’ leading passer (3552 yards, 29 TD, 8 INT) and rusher (846 yards and 12 TD). Finished the season with a passer rating of 153.0 along with a 64.2 percent in 3rd down conversions while leading the Hokies to an ACC title. His game performance improves in the second half and Evans is accustomed to engineering fourth quarter comebacks.
“If you don’t have high expectations, or high goals for yourself in this game, then why are you playing?” Jerod Evans
His mindset is ‘do what it takes to win’ which of course could one day soon be a New York Jets tagline.
The Jets should put Jerod Evans on their To-Do list of things it takes to win.


The NFL draft begins on April 27, 2017.
I’m ready and I hope you are too!
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