The primary information on this post is about the Baltimore reaction to the draft; specifically the Ravens pick. But, I want to start by saying that the Cowboys shouldn’t be taking a running back with the 4th overall pick. In my opinion, that’s a HUGE reach.

Now, onto business with the Baltimore perspective. Ravens’ fans would have loved to see Joey Bosa wearing purple and black, but the Chargers made a good pick meaning he didn’t slide to #6. My immediate thought was that the Ravens should look at Laremy Tunsil, but there is a lot of upside to drafting Jalen Ramsey. You can’t really go wrong there, can you?

The Jaguars quickly made their pick, taking Ramsey off the board. To be honest, I’m happy about that. In Baltimore, Ramsey would have immediately been compared to Ed Reed. Fans would have made the comparison and created high expectations before Ramsey left the stage. I don’t see Ramsey being the type of player- he breaks passes up, he doesn’t catch them himself. My next thought became Tunsil or trade. I like Tunsil a lot. I think he could be great, but I have been hearing rumors that the Titans might be willing to trade to get Tunsil for themselves.

I can’t lie, I couldn’t be more disappointed. I like Tunsil a lot. And, as I posted earlier today, I’m not very impressed with Stanley. I’ve seen him whiff on blocks, he gets a lot of penalties, and he could have gone much much later. I don’t understand taking him over Laremy Tunsil. I really, really don’t like the pick, but as Baltimore says, “in Ozzie we trust”. The Ravens have always knocked it out of the park when they draft in the top 10, so I’m hoping this continues.

ESPN just showed some pretty crazy ‘dirt’ on Tunsil. How can a young man decide that it’s a good idea to post him (or a friend) using a bong on Twitter??? I guess I can’t complain about them passing on Tunsil.