Rob Gronkowski has become a star in New England. Teams in the AFC East design game plans around how to try to stop him and the Patriot’s potent offense. But what if there were two Gronks in New England? The Patriot’s met with Baby Gronk, Glenn Gronkowski last week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL.

Gronkowski is an intriguing prospect at 6’3, 230 pounds. He has good hands and can also block. The former Kansas State fullback announced last month that he was forgoing his senior year in Manhattan to enter the draft. Saturday in the Senior Bowl he looked like a legit prospect with 47 yards receiving on only 3 catches. Arkansas QB Brandon Allen hit him for a 34 yards strike for a first down in the third quarter that led to a field goal.

The Patriot won’t have a first round pick due the deflated football scandal of the 2015 AFC Championship Game. New England will have to make every pick count due to being stripped of the pick by Roger Goodell. Baby Gronk will be available later in the draft and is thought to be picked on day three.

There are four Gronkowski brothers, two of which have played in the league and one that is still playing. Glenn obviously would love to play in New England.

According to an interview with,

“That would be awesome. I’ve actually never played with any of my brothers before. They’ve always been too old for me. Everyone else has played together, so to be on the same team, that would be a dream come true.”

Gronk turned heads last week at the Senior Bowl and had interest from other teams like the Bills and the Cowboys.