QB Questions in DC? Welcome to Summertime in the Nations Capital


2012:  record breaking season by a Washington quarterback in his first season in the league.

The follow up? Injuries, unnecessary drama, and an inability to build on the promise seen during year one.

2015:  record breaking season by a Washington quarterback in his first season as a day one starter in the league.

The follow up? To be determined.

Whether you are a card carrying member of the #Kirkhive or not, the fact of the matter is, no long term deal was reached by last weeks deadline. A no brainer for some, turned into a perceived gamble (by the team) for others, that will no doubt turn into a week-to-week telenovela come September.

Now that the will they or won’t they period has passed– both parties should be applauded.

Kirk Cousins
Opting to play on the franchise tag instead of signing a deal south of what he feels he deserves, should be commended. It’s a bold move for the former Spartan QB that does involve some risk. But the reward could be immense if all works out.

Washington added a new type of receiving threat in the draft (Doctson), to an already strong group in Reed, Garçon, Jackson and Crowder. Take an inability to run the ball last year and add the question of RB depth to it, Kirk’s numbers could actually jump this season. Making that gamble look like a smart one. Not to mention going from $600K to $19.95M in one season, makes it a little easier to take a chance on yourself.

Opting to not over spend for a QB who had a successful year one is smart. For every thought of signing him now before Kirk potentially can command more money– there’s a rebuttal of is he elite or just a good QB that showed a firm grasp of a quarterback friendly system, situation and coach? Did I mention the rumors of the team looking to replace Kirk with a younger option. Hello, pomp and circumstance.

Here’s where having an experienced and forward thinking GM comes into play. McCloughan who has been quoted recently as saying he’s not willing to sacrifice 3-4 young guys who could turn into good football players for one guy, is very telling. This team is still being built via his vision. Scot is clearly willing to roll the dice on revisiting arduous negotiations next year, in favor of retaining the flexibility to continue to field a strong roster from top to bottom.

Two different situations. Two different quarterbacks. Two different systems. Two different head coaches. Two different front offices. Two different outcomes?

The latter is what the suits in Ashburn and fans of the franchise are hoping for, as the team gets ready for training camp a week from today.

This post is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Zema Williams bka “Chief Zee”. The Washington Redskins superfan who has been a staple at Skins games for the better part of three plus decades, passed away on Tuesday, July 19th. 

#HTTR #HTTChiefZee