First of all, no, I am not saying Ryan Tannehill is in danger of loosing his starting job for this season. That will stand until the Dolphins take the field and we see how Tannehill performs. We have seen and heard the hype of “Tannehill is becoming a leader” or “Ryan is in better control of the offense” for the last 4 off seasons. The only difference this time around is that new head coach Adam Gase may be able to back up this hype. Anyways, this article is more about the other quarterbacks on the roster. Matt Moore, Brandon Doughty, Logan Thomas, and Zac Dysert.

Dysert is just a camp arm to throw to the receivers, so I do not see the need to delve further into him. So the other 3 QB’s, there is and will be an even larger 3 way battle for the number two spot behind Ryan Tannehill. It is likely that the Phins will continue to only keep 2 QB’s on the roster so that would mean one is getting cut, one is going to the practice squad, and the other wins the backup position. Now Doughty was a seventh round selection so it is an uphill battle. However Doughty has the tools and the potential to beat out Moore. Still, Moore resigned with Miami for 2 years and 3.5 million dollars this summer. So I do not picture the Dolphins releasing him. Plus he has been a very serviceable backup in the past and did well as a starter in 2012. Logan Thomas was brought  on board last year and did not see the field but looked decent in the limited snaps at practices. So Doughty will need to beat out Thomas first. I think he will, but we will find out before the first round of cuts in late July.

Dolphins fans have been asking for some QB competition in the form of a draft pick and though they would have preferred a higher selection, Doughty is capable. Hopefully he can impress the coaching staff, one that drafted him. Then the biggest question will be whether or not Doughty can push Tannehill for the starting job in 2017 or will the dolphins have to turn to a higher pick in the draft. Many think this is Tannehill’s last chance to prove his worth as a franchise quarterback. He has been given more weapons and a much improved offensive line. Plus tutoring from the great Peyton Manning, so the staff is putting all the pieces together to put Tannehill to the test. It will be up to him to pass it.

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