Redskins QB Decisions Establish Stability We Can Be Optimistic About


The Redskins QB Moves are Something Fans Can Be Optimistic About.


Robert Griffin III bid farewell in a  personal comment March 7th writing:

untitled (8)“It was a blessing guys. I just want to say thank you,” tweeted the former Redskins QB.

Losing Griffin (currently Free Agent) sent some fans into uproar tough the loss could have been foreseen for a while now. Griffin, living by his positive mantra #NoPressureNoDiamondshas been with the Redskins since being drafted at No.2 in his class. The Heisman recipient made his appearance in the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl, and was honored with NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year the same season. His career with the Redskins was more than most players could ask for in their NFL début.

However, the Redskins haven’t seen much of Griffin on the field this previous season behind starting QB Kirk Cousins, and backup Colt McCoy.

Both Cousins and McCoy will be returning to the Redskins.

Apparently, the Redskins have a firm understanding on the benefit of stability at QB.


Kirk-Cousins-and-Jay-GrudenKirk Cousins, who has seen success with the current Redskins offensive game is one of the teams strongest assets finishing his 2015 season with a CMP% of 69.8 and a PYD of 4,166. The 27 year-old also ended with 29 PTD.

The second returning veteran – Colt McCoy, is the epitome of a reliable backup, having signed back with Washington in a new three year deal. – If the Redskins lost a game with McCoy as backup it was not because of a presence of incompetence as a NFL QB. The former University of Texas Longhorn is also compatible with Gruden and is the kind of class act you want in your locker room.

Achieving this stability at the QB allows the Redskin offensive game to continue to adjust and develop going into spring training. This also makes establishing what priority positions the Redskins will be considering for fast approaching Draft Day.

Washing Post’s insider Mike Jones suggests It wouldn’t be surprising if Washington should add a new developmental QB in this draft.

As to which teams they are currently pursuing to negotiate with for their choice picks is unclear, as is usual leading up to Draft Day.