By Marc Mandell
@mandell_w on twitter
                   Have you been able to calm down a little bit? Fret not, as it’s been a struggle for me too. The last two weeks, games that were played inside of 5 days, have been rather rough. Atlanta was a tough game because the running backs tore up the mighty Denver D. San Diego was deflating because the team that the Broncos always handle, somehow established their will against Denver and won the match, in what was pretty exciting fashion. So let’s see if we can get some perspective on this before we lose our minds entirely.
Denver is 4-2. And tied for the Division lead. They still have a stifling defense and the head coach is back at work. Coupled with the fact that the Broncos have 10 days off to get their act together, things could be a lot worse. How much worse? How would this feel if we lost to Carolina in week 1? That’s a deeper scar. The Panthers are 1-5!! Oh yeah, by the way, I saw a report by Adam Schefter today that said the bandwagon fans of Carolina are looking for another team, and that they are meeting with Vikings as early as tomorrow.
Anyway, things could be worse. Last year Denver went through two stints like this. Back to back losses, with what some would argue, an offense as bad as this one. To me these two losses feel the same as they did last year. An offensive line that can’t get out of its own way, and a QB that struggles to throw more than 8 yards down field. Siemian did look injured. But just injured. He was waiting to throw the ball. And that fail mary?! Yeah, seems he wasn’t ready to get back into the driver seat after all. Once healthy, or healthier, he should start looking like the starter we were getting used to earlier on this year. But is it really that much different than last season? I don’t think so myself. Last year Denver lost to Indy and then at home against KC. Peyton’s demise game as it was known. After that, the Broncos won against the Bears, Patriots, and Chargers. The team looked better-ish. Not great, but they got it done. Then losses to Oakland and the Steelers. My point is that Kubiak doesn’t go on crazy losing benders. While in Denver anyway. No matter who starts at QB, I have faith in the team. The season will get better. They still control their own destiny.
Some say that in today’s NFL, the passing game sets up the run. While I’ll agree with that thought for some, for others I feel the opposite is true. It comes down to how each coach and GM builds their team. For Denver, the run sets up the pass. With Peyton last year it was pass first. But that was Peyton Freakin Manning. This year its about establishing the ground game. Without the run game, defenses can sit back 4-10 yards off the line of scrimmage and dare the QB to throw down field. Just like Super Bowl 48. Seattle knew Peyton couldn’t push the ball down field so they just had to shut down the run and, game over for Denver. Here’s the deal, most of these issues can be solved this year! We know CJ and company can run the ball, as we have seen it happen this season. Even if Denver doesn’t make any more changes in the roster, coaching and schemes can get this team back on track.
After looking at all this, how do you feel now? Plenty of time left in the season, 10 games still, and with great coaches and developed talent they should overcome all the issues that the Denver Broncos are having. Again, even if there are no other personnel changes this year, just scheme and some creativity on behalf of the offense will do this team a lot of good. Runs to the outside of the box, a few throws down the field to back up the defense and things should start looking and loosening up for the Mile High Heart Attack Broncos. It’s not time to hit the big red button yet. Not on any players or coaches. They can get it figured out, the question now is simply, will they?
Thanks again for reading. I will have a special Monday Night Football match-up blog on Friday so keep an eye out for that… as it is against Brock Lobster and the Houston Texans. Hoorah huh?