This past week the Cleveland Browns made a surprise move by signing quarterback Robert Griffin III to a 2-year $15-million-dollar contract, with roughly $6 million guaranteed.

RG III spent last year as the third string quarterback with the Washington Redskins, losing his job to Kirk Cousins.  After being rookie of the year, the former number 2 draft pick has had several surgeries, which many say is the reason for both physical and mental decline.

Is picking up RG III a good move?

Yes, it is.

With the 2nd pick in next month’s draft, the Browns are still likely to take a quarterback in either Jared Golf out of Cal, or Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State, but now they have the luxury of not having to start a rookie quarterback week 1.

NFL experts suggest the best way to acclimate a rookie to the NFL is to start them immediately, but that is just one of two methods to get the best out of your quarterback.

For every Andre Luck, there’s an Aaron Rogers, and for every Russel Wilson, there’s a Tom Brady who sat the bench until it was their time to take the helm – and now the Browns have their choice.

With the Browns losing Pro Bowl center, Alex Mack and RT Mitchell Swartz, their line (which was the best unit on the team) will be weaker, a QB like RG Iii, who has the ability to move outside the pocket, and turn a broken play into a positive gain is exactly the temporary fix they need until the immobile Golf or Wentz is ready to start and their offensive line is truly ready to protect them in the pocket.

Going into training camp last year, RG III was the projected starter, he was on social media showing his rehab workouts and promoting his brand and telling anyone who listened why he was the best quarterback in Washington.

But once the season began and he was benched, reality set in and he was humbled.

After falling from NFL grace, the former savior of the Redskins franchise was regulated to safety on the scout team, yet no one reported of his complaining, there was no locker room fights, no “mean tweets”, no leaked stories of unhappiness, this shows RG III is a new man, a man ready to prove he is still capable of being a starter in the NFL.

Long term, RG III is not the QB of the Browns, with a 2-year contact, he has time to show his abilities and in return the Browns win NFL games.  If RG III turns out to not be capable of improving the franchise, the Browns will have their 1st RD draft pick to turn to and develop.

It’s a win-win for both.