When you looked at Mock Drafts back in November and December Robert Nkemdiche was listed as a top 10 pick. After falling out of a fourth story window in Atlanta in December the Ole Miss defensive lineman is now projected to be a late first round pick at best.

Today Nkemdiche took to the podium to talk with members of the media in Indianapolis about his mistakes. In addition to calling out Laremy Tunsil for being in his hotel room in Atlanta Nkemdiche also admitted to taking plays off last year at Ole Miss.

According to Nkemdiche,

“There are times I didn’t finish. I was lazy on some plays at times, but I told them I’m going to keep growing as a player. I’m going to keep learning how to finish and keep becoming more of a student of the game and just focus on being the best NFL player I can be.”

Whoever is advising Nkemdiche probably should be fired. By admitting to being lazy and outing the potential #1 pick in the draft for being with him when he got popped for weed he really hurt himself and Tunsil. By saying he took the fall for the marijuana when Tunsil was in the room he could have done some damage to both their draft stocks.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out for Nkemdiche in the draft. He has top ten talent and before his troubles the Titans were looking at him for the #1 pick. Now the Ole Miss star could fall out of the first round altogether.

Luckily Nkemdiche will have a chance to show what he can do in front of scouts this weekend. He will also have a chance to talk to teams one on one and explain what happened in Atlanta and how he plans on giving 100% on Sunday next season.