Robert Nkemdiche may have hurt Laremy Tunsil’s draft stock today. Nkemdiche had an incident at Atlanta hotel in December when he freaked out after smoking some synthetic marijuana and fell out of a fourth story window. The Ole Miss defensive lineman jumped out a window and was charged with possession of marijuana. But today Nkemdiche told a group of reporters that he wasn’t the only person in the room and took the fall because no one else wanted to.

According to Nkemdiche,

“There were more people in my room. The hotel was under my name. Nobody wanted to take the fall, so it happened to be under my name.”

Nkemdiche later named Tunsil as someone who was in the room during a press conference. This is pretty big considering that the Titans are considering picking Tunsil with the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Ole Miss left tackle is considered to be the best lineman in the draft and a top 5 prospect on just about ever mock draft. If Tunsil gets dragged into Nkemdiche’s mess and is linked to weed it could send him falling down draft boards and cost him a lot of money.

Nkemdiche also said in his press conference that he was drunk when he fell from the hotel window and not high. He said the behavior was not typical behavior and he has changed.