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Well, well, well. How about that performance huh?! I couldn’t believe it myself. As the Broncos headed into the 4th quarter down by only 7 points, against Drew Brees, in his house, the thought occurred to me that Denver just might pull this off. Not only did they do just that, but it was the way in which they procured the W was the tastiest part. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look.

No NFL Network, we are not kidding you. So did Simmons go out of bounds? Did his foot touch the line? I have two thoughts on that. One, is that the game was decided by the 4 turnovers committed by New Orleans. Two picks and two fumbles are going to hurt any team. It’s not going to make a lick of difference who or whom is throwing the ball, 4 turnovers will hinder the best of them. Not to mention that all 4 turnovers came at the hands of only 2 players. On both sides of the ball. Brees threw 2 interceptions, both of which were caught by Darian Stewart, and Michael Thomas had two fumbles, one recovered by TJ Ward, and the other was Darian Stewart. Trope alert I know. So two guys losing the ball on the offense, two recovered all turnovers on defense. Point is, is that the game didn’t come to a bad call by the refs, it was the offense of the Saints that shot themselves in the foot.

The other thought on this one, is that, how fortunate are Broncos fans? Remember a few weeks ago when Seattle tried this very same idea? Jumping over the center to block the kick. Everyone on the radio, everyone on TV was up in arms over it. Is that legal? Can a player hurdle another to get to the ball? After much deliberation it was decided that yes a player can launch himself over another player as long as the player jumping doesn’t use another player to hoist himself, and that the player jumping doesn’t land on another. Had that play not already happened this year I think it would have been a much different outcome. So thank you Seattle. As weird as that is to say as a Bronco fan.

DT had the best day of his season. He was catching impossible balls. One handed, double coverage, behind him, over top. He won every time today. Regardless of where he’s been all year, he was here today. We even saw a little emotion out of the guy when he got the first down, late in the 4th quarter. It was really great to see. Both DT and ManSand had terrific days. The passing game was on point despite the fact the Siemian was under pressure on more than half of his throws. That’s a lot folks. He was sacked 6 times!! Yet he still threw 25/40 For 258 yards, 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s. Damaryius had 8 receptions for just under 90 yards and a TD. Jordan “Sunshine” Taylor had the other touchdown. The offensive line was crap, again, but Siemain was able to get the ball where it needed to go for the most part, despite the shortcomings of the O-line. So the pass was working, any guesses into how that was possible today?

The Broncos got back to balance. They ran the ball early and kept at it. There were moments when they didn’t, say with 3:00 minutes left in the game and rather than hand the ball off, get some yards and kill the clock they chose pass.  There were a few of those kind of head scratching, what hell are they doing type moments, but overall, it was a balanced attack against a weak defense. Booker got the rock 24 times, compared to 12 total handoffs last week, and he ran for 76 yards. He didn’t see pay-dirt, but he ran for the sticks and made plays when he needed to. Kapri Bibbs even had 7 carries for 22 yards. Trevor Siemian ran the ball too! For 5 whole yards! Those 5 yards were for 5 first downs however. They were QB sneak, Tom Brady specials. Just enough for the first down, but a first down none the less. Whatever it took to get the W was the theme this today in the Big Easy.

Enough about offense, how did the defense of Denver do? Well, sit back and let me tell you. I’ll start with the bad. Drew Brees threw for 303 yards and 3 TD’s. I know, that’s a lot, but remember he is the first to do that against the Broncos in about 22 games. It doesn’t happen that frequently. He is Drew Brees after all. He is going to get his. He is playing at a really high level this year and while it was a lot of production, it really wasn’t that bad. Here’s why. Brandon Cooks went for 98 yards and 1 TD. Willie Snead had 47 yards and 2 TD’s. After that, it’s a whole lot of nuttin. Six other players made completions. None of those 6 had more than 40 yards. Denver’s defense was pretty good today, 5 turnovers in total from Denver’s defense. All of this with out Aqib Talib, Derek Wolfe and Keyvon Webster. He did play, but he missed some snaps. Oh, and mark my words, Darian Stewart will receive the AFC Defensive player of the week on Wednesday. He was responsible for both INT’s and a fumble recovery. Killer day for him out on the gridiron.

Here are few honorable mentions this week. The first is for our Denver Broncos. Since Elway took over in 2011, only 1 other team has more wins in that time. For never doing this at the NFL level before, Elway is pretty good at this huh? Yeah I agree. #InElwayWeTrust

The other is for Drew Brees. He joined very elite company today. Well… he joined very elite company… again. Who are we kidding, he is one the best QB’s in the league and is a first ballot HOF’er!

Congratulations to both John Elway and Drew Brees. Both are titans of their game and deserve all the respect they have earned.

With the win in New Orleans, Denver heads to the bye week at 7-3. I had them losing this game, and I can’t tell you have great of a feeling it was to be wrong about something. This tastes waayyy better than 6-4 and gives our favorite weekend warriors some much needed momentum. They can get healthy and take some time to unwind, and prepare to get their mind right for the push to the playoffs. The road will not be easy as Denver is playing in the best division in the NFL. Tune in next week as I will cover the past 10 games, and give a look at the following 6.

Thanks again for reading everyone, and I look forward to talking with you all later this week.