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I can’t begin to tell anyone how satisfying of a win this was. Watching Rivers plead with the refs, pout on the sideline and bark at his teammates. It brings me great joy. It was ugly and poorly executed, and it was a lot closer than the game score indicated. But close only counts in 3rd grade writing assignments and Tony Romo’s health. A win is a win. It’s recap time ya’ll!

The ugly, let’s start there. Denver committed 3 horrific turnovers. Turnovers from the QB, the RB and a missed catch from a WR. Trevor Siemian had a decent day at the office. He was very busy and very beat up. His fumble came in the red zone towards the end of the first half. A turnover is bad enough, but in the red zone it’s like an extra shot to the pills. Booker fell victim to the fumbles as well, dropping the ball on the 3 yard line of San Diego. The drive would have at least yielded 3 points, however it ended with giving up the ball to the Chargers. At which point, San Diego went down the field and scored a TD. Such a deflating turnover. Even the fans were getting restless in the stands. As the fourth quarter was getting down to brass tacks, the turnover bug struck again. Siemian threw the ball and it went right through the hands of Jordan Norwood, allowing Casey Heyward of SD to pick it off and take it to the house.

So he didn’t have the best day. He made some very questionable choices for sure. The thing to keep in mind here is that, he never lost his head. Every time he came into the huddle, he looked ready to play, and to put the last play behind him. He kept his cool. That’s what I like about this guy. He stays in the game mentally. Call him a place setter all you want, I’ll take it for as long as we need him to. Besides, he still had a better day than his counter part across the field.

And now some good. With two more picks after this play and 4 sacks, Rivers will go home smashed up and beat down. Enjoy your flight Philly. Even with TE Henry and TE Gates, Rivers couldn’t get it done today. He completed 20/47 for 267 yards, 2 TD’s and 3 picks. Total QBR today? A whopping 48.8. He managed this huge number, all while Denver was missing Aqib Talib and Brandon Marshall. He struggled against one of the best defenses in the league, and it was wonderful. So this is the last we shall mention Mr. Rivers for the remainder of the season. Take care dude, or don’t. Doesn’t matter to me.

Davonte Booker was ok. He was bad because of Joey Bosa and the O-line of Denver. He had a turnover, in the worst place possible. But he was good because he made some guys miss, had decent vision and ran with strong legs. Denver certainly missed CJ today. Booker carried the rock 19 times for 54 yards and a TD. Not an all-star day to be sure. His long was a beautiful 18 yard sprint where he made 3 guys miss entirely and carried 2 Charger defenders for an extra 5 yards at the end of the run. I think it was a decent showing from a rookie with a truck load of potential. We shall see if it bares any fruit in the coming weeks. As there is always room for growth.

Melvin Gordon had the day on the ground. Gordon alone doubled the entire ground production for the Broncos. 111 yards on the day. He moved, he shimmied and exploded. For his second year in the NFL, he is showing himself to be a feature back in a league with dying workhorses. Both because of the change that the position has had and the players to fill those positions. If you drafted him in your fantasy league, well done. He ran on everyone today and made some big time plays when his team needed him the most. Suffice to say, I’m glad Denver won’t have to see him again this year. Now on to some more of the good…..

This guy lead the team into battle today. The Denver defense had 4 sacks and 3 picks, driving the offense of San Diego crazy all day. Von Miller only had one sack but he was a disturbance and a force all afternoon. The offense of San Diego became so focused on Miller that it allowed sacks from 3 other positions! Even double and tripled teamed, 58 causes havoc for offensive production. D Ware was back today with a flexible cast on his arm. He was productive as well applying pressure to the QB several times. It was really great to see him out there again, even though I thought he should stay on the sideline until after the bye week. Some honorable mentions on this side of the ball are Todd Davis and Corey Nelson. Both of which are quietly having very good seasons in the Linebacker position. Like I said last week, once Davis and Marshall get on the same page and can work smoothly in unison, they will be tough to beat.

Oh man, did you see the hit that Son of Bum took on the sideline? Melvin Gordon ran right into him and knocked Phillips out. Did it look intentional to you? It was very questionable to me personally. The important thing here is that Wade is healthy, and he got his revenge. He had to watch the final half of the game in the hospital room but retribution was achieved, and it tasted so sweet. The report is that Wade will be back with team today and ready to get his squad prepared for their next opponent.

All in all a decent win this week. With two division games in the books, the Broncos are sitting at 6-2, tied atop the AFC west and priming themselves for a solid placement when they return from the bye week in two weeks. We are halfway through the season you guys. Only 8 more weeks till playoffs. As crazy as that seems, lets take it one week at a time. Next week’s match-up? The Raidahhhs!! Here we go! Raider week!!

Thanks again for reading and I will have the Raider Broncos match-up ready for consumption on Friday morning. Oh yeah, GO CUBBIES!!!