As we get closer to the draft, I thought it might be worth looking at some of the prospects that aren’t going at the top of the draft. A local (Maryland) prospect that fits that build is Sean Davis. Davis hasn’t become a household name in large part to being misused in his time with the Terps. Davis frequently lined up as a CB, but has shown ability as a Safety.
In a perfect world, I think Davis could compare to Kam Chancellor. He’s 2 inches shorter and weighs less than Chancellor (by about 30 lbs), but has better coverage skills in my opinion. Chancellor was known for his ability to defend against the run coming out of college and that’s what he’s done.
Let’s offer a quick player comparison in order to get your true opinion on how good Sean Davis is. Below we have 3 players listed. Each player was a starter for 3 seasons before being drafted. These are the averages stats that each player had for given categories.
Tackles For Loss INT Forced Fumbles
Player A 66 1.5 1.6 0
Player B 73 3.8 4 0.3
Player C 102 3.3 1.6 2.3


Player A was a 5th round pick named Kam Chancellor.

Player B was a 7th overall pick named Mark Barron.

Player C is a potential 3rd round pick in Sean Davis.


Sean Davis finished first in the Big Ten in Solo tackles in 2014. He finished 4th in total tackles behind 3 linebackers. If you put Davis in the right spot, he’s going to excel. What’s more,  he’s a later round pick who is could very well become an elite run-stopper while offering solid coverage against Running Backs and Tight Ends. Davis is tied for 73rd all-time for solo tackles in a season.

I have no doubt that, given the right system, Davis could become a pro-bowler within his first few years. Why not risk a 3rd round pick on a guy like that?

Need more proof that Davis is better than his contemporaries? Davis finished in the top 10 in every drill at the combine among all DB’s. His 6.64 3-cone and 21 rep bench performance placed him at the top of his positional rankings. This tells me that Davis offers an elite mixture of power and agility. You may be concerned by the fact that his 40 time was at the top of his class, but he finished 9th with a 4.46 time. That time was only .15 seconds from the best in the entire draft.

Davis finished with a 40 time that was faster than Ezekiel Elliot, Josh Doctson, Braxton Miller, and many other players who will be taken ahead of him. His 21 reps on the bench was better than every single receiver in the draft and beaten by only 9 running backs.

Knowing all that this article has told you, what’s your opinion of Sean Davis? Do these numbers make any difference? As a Terp fan, I’ll be watching, anxiously, to see where Davis goes. In all honesty, I’d applaud the Ravens if they’re willing to keep him close to home.