Quarterback Peyton Manning will decide his future on Friday, and the Los Angeles Rams have been connected to the pending free agent.

The 18-year-pro could return for another season after winning his second Super Bowl title, or he could ride into the sunset and retire a legend.

Even Manning’s agent does not think the decision is easy as it seems.

Many conclude that the Denver Broncos are ready to move on from Manning, regardless if he returns.The team is already making a move on Manning’s replacement Brock Osweiler.

The question remains, will Manning sign with the Los Angeles Rams if he elects for another season outside of Denver.

Reasons to sign Manning

The Rams recently cleared almost $60 million in cap space by releasing some key players. Some figure those funds could persuade Manning into playing for Los Angeles.

Obviously, adding a star signal-caller like Manning is important for the franchise as they transition into the large Los Angeles market. The Los Angeles Lakers secondary-ticket market sky-rocketed once Kobe Bryant announced his final season. Manning could have the same effect for the Rams.

Not to mention, the Rams need more star power to compete with the Los Angeles Clippers stars Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan. The Los Angeles Dodgers also have Adrian Gonzalez and a recognizable brand. Meanwhile, the Kings most recently brought the city a championship in 2014. Manning is the only free agent quarterback with that kind of star power.

On-the-field, Manning showed his skills as a game-manager in the Playoffs. The Rams bring superstar running back Todd Gurley and a defense centered around defensive linemen Dan Quinn and Aaron Donald. The hopes are that Manning brings enough fire power to get them over-the-hump.

Reasons to pass on Manning

The Rams current quarterbacks Case Keenum and Nick Foles have nowhere near Manning’s resume. Both bring plenty of starts, but neither are the future of the team.

Unfortunately, Manning’s play last season did not make him the future either. Manning played in one of his worst seasons. He showed an unimpressive amount of arm strength as each throw floated like a duck. He was eventually benched

More important, Manning is a liability. Manning went on record as saying that he can not feel his fingers after neck surgery.

The Verdict

There is no easy way to build a sports brand, especially in the No. 2 Los Angeles Market. Manning may help the Rams initially, but he will not help them on-the-field.

The Rams defense ranked No. 23 in the league last season. The Rams need more than Manning to put them over the edge against the NFC West division rivals Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks.

Los Angeles is starving for a NFL team and the Rams will sell tickets in their first season, with or without Manning. This is evident by the 56,000 initial ticket deposits.

However, if the Rams want to build a sustainable brand they need to find their long-term quarterback situation. Bringing Manning as a stop-gap solution will only hinder that process. Not to mention, Manning might look even worst considering the Rams do not have a Pro Bowl receiver like Demarius Thomas.

Ultimately, the Rams should resist the temptation of Peyton Manning if he opts for another season in the NFL.