Football logic tells us a team that has won 7 of their last 8 games and are steam rolling for a push into the post season at 8-5 has a high probability of disposing of a 4-9 team with no chance of going any place but home.

Watching the Jets over the last weeks, they haven’t played like a team who has given up and decided to lay down or roll over. They just haven’t played their best. 

miamidolphinsvnewyorkjetsazbujkmdgcnxIf you are not a team entering the late season well over .500 in a tough division, then winning games in December becomes ever more meaningful and necessary to make it into January and ideally February. So in essence, where the Dolphins stand now is they need this win tonight at Met LIfe Stadium.  They are 3 games behind the Patriots in the AFC East and like the Jets they too have an end of December matchup with the AFC leaders— Patriots.

So here we are, we are here. A few weeks ago in my post about the Jets-Colts matchup I reminded my Jets fans of the last time our team was in the Super Bowl. And since, the last New York Jets playoff appearance took place on Sunday, January 23, 2011 against the Steelers at Heinz field. Then quarterback Mark Sanchez and coach Rex Ryan led the Jets to an 11-5 regular season. Last season, the Jets were 10-5 in their last game of the season for a chance at the playoffs and then the meltdown happened. And we all know how that one ended.

Notwithstanding, growing up my favorite teams were the Joe Montana 49ers and the Dan Marino Dolphins.  I can remember even with Marino the Dolphins never made it deep into the playoffs. In fact, their last Super Bowl appearance was in 1974.

Can you remember what you were doing on January 13, 1974?

If the Jets allow Miami to go away with the win tonight, then Miami will have the conference’s second wild card spot provided they receive some help with a Broncos loss.
The Jets are without a star quarterback and so are the Dolphins.  Matt Moore the back-up QB has been in the league for quite some time.  So, let’s find out what this experience earns him against an angry and resentful Jets defense.  It’s cold today and I am sure the ground will be cold, hard and wet.  So get ready for Matt, Gang Green is coming!

I am ready and I hope you are too!

The Gang Green are coming!
The Gang Green are coming!