The Pittsburgh Steelers left little doubt with their 2016 draft picks where they think their team needs to improve the most…defense. The Steelers first round choice of cornerback Artie Burns was joined by second round pick safety Sean Davis (Maryland) and third round choice defensive lineman Javon Hargrave (South Carolina State).

The theory is that Burns will start at cornerback, Davis was a cornerback in college but will play safety along side starter Mike Mitchell and Hargrave could be a stout nose tackle in the Steelers’ 3-4 defense as well as give breaks at the end positions to starters Cam Heyward and Stephen Truitt. It is clear that Head Coach Mike Tomlin and General Manager Kevin Colbert were none too pleased with the defenses ranking of 21st overall and feel confident that the offense will continue to put up big numbers and points.

Do these selections solve all the problems on the defensive side of the ball, probably not but you really can’t argue with the methodology and persistence with which the team is trying to improve.

I am not sold on Burns by any stretch of the imagination and feel lukewarm about Davis but I do like the selection of Hargrave is a good fit for this line.

With all that being said, what do the Steelers do now. Are they going to keep it all defense all the time or throw in a tall wide receiver or the back-up quarterback in waiting. The Steelers will draft a linebacker or shall I say a college defensive lineman who can be converted to a linebacker in their 3-4 scheme because they always do, maybe another cornerback who knows at this point. But with needs being what they are and the big names of some college players still remaining undrafted, rounds 4-7 always prove exciting but not always useful.