Players come and go, coaches come and go, even stadiums come and go and now uniforms come and go. What am I referring to you may be wondering, well the infamous Pittsburgh Steelers throwback “bumblebee” uniforms will be put back into retirement following the 2016 season. The team will wear the striped wonders against the New York Jets in Week 5.

The uniforms made their reappearance in the 2012 season as part of the teams 80th anniversary celebration and were worn by the 1934 team. The team has worn them five times in that time frame and has amassed a 3-2 record.

The players say all the right things in regards to wearing these bumblebee wonders (i.e its part of the Steelers history and tradition, we are honoring the past etc) the fans well that can go either way. One fan who works for a major downtown Pittsburgh corporation said, “I’m not a big fan of the uniforms, I could wear Steelers shirts on Fridays or Mondays depending when they play and I just couldn’t get into putting that shirt on. I am a fan of the regular black and gold. I have the shirt but it will stay in my closest until it becomes a collectors’ item to sell.” Another fan said “It’s the Steelers I love whatever I can get of theirs. Its old and awesome and tough just like the team.”

I took a basic fan pool of around 65 people and the majority, 85% are sad that they are going away which shocked me. I was not and am not a big fan of the bumblebees, I think they are awful. The national commentators can’t wait to mock the team in every highlight following the game and they are just not cool. Some of the fans I polled were not aware that the team even though the team is retiring the 1934 jersey again, a new alternate uniform will be revealed this season. Rumor has it the team will wear an all black uniform for their Christmas day game against the Baltimore Ravens.

The team will tell you that the bumblebee uniforms were brought back as part of a celebration but in reality any time a new uniform is introduced it is to sell products plain and simple which it did but I am pretty sure when the new uniform is revealed that will sell like crazy.