Willingly or unwillingly, ‘the process’ seems to always have a way of coercing us into respect and submission. Every creation under the sun is such because of the processes that created it.

As a football fan, if the process does not render the desired outcome of winning games then absolutNew+England+Patriots+v+New+York+Jets+7MvheXURGFBlely nothing else matters. No one knows how long the process really takes until its finished. And at the end of the 2016 NFL regular season Jets fan were given that all too familiar “we have a plan” so let’s just respect the process.
So here we are, we are here with the future to look forward to. The 2017-2018 NFL calendar is set and hindsight for all the 2016 mishaps, mistakes, bad plays and bad diapers has enlightened us –so what now? Yes, Jets fans are embarrassed and growing increasingly impatient. But perhaps we can rest in assurance that a plan Jets GM Mike Maccagan says he has in place will save us all further embarrassment.
Starting from the end of the regular season to the February 28 NFL combine to unrestricted free agency to league meetings to the NFL draft day (April 27-April 29) Mike says “it’s a long four or five months” in terms of putting all the right pieces together.
With no time to waste, I hope the Jets upcoming player and personnel decisions are swift, smart and meaningful. Right now—while there is still time the Jets must lasso in an offensive coordinator with a curriculum vitae that involves fearlessly developing a quarterback and effective utilization of the tight end position. Sure enough it may be difficult to lure an OC into Jets camp with a season long quarterback brouhaha but great challenges can also become great victories. On Todd Bowles’ plate lies a lightly grilled fugu with citrus soy and ginger and to create a beautifully balanced OC and DC cocktail requires a lot of guts and even more magic.
Offensive Coordinator,tight end, jets planThere’s news that Bowles was interested in John DeFilippo, the Eagles coach responsible for the development of Carson Wentz but the Eagles intercepted before any talks could be made. Then there’s Eric Studesville Broncos running back coach who coached Marshawn Lynch in Buffalo pre-Seattle Beast-Mode.  Now, if I were a head coach, I think I would consider a coordinator like Oakland Raiders Bill Musgrave who developed Derek Carr and gave the Raiders part of the formula to win. They finished 12-4 and most of us thought pre-Carr injury that they would at the least make it to the AFC divisional playoffs.
For Bowles, grabbing the knife and fork for this potentially dangerous feat may prove to be more than one man can chew. And as we all know, certain processes take longer than others and some are more painful than others but in the words of Eric Studesville:
“It’s all a journey…and you get better from every step of the journey and every stop of the journey. You learn things — good, bad, positive, negative and get better.”
Thank you for joining me on this journey.
I am ready and I hope you are too!



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