It was a stumble, not a bone crushing hit, not an illegal hit (Suh’s hit was on the right not left knee), not even an awkward slide, but a stumble over his own feet. That is how Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got hurt when he stumbled while trying to avoid a pass rusher something he has done a million or even two million times throughout his career. This time Ben got a torn meniscus in his left knee which could cause him to miss anywhere from two to six games depending on his ability to recover. It was inevitable that Big Ben would get hurt it has happened the past several seasons as the wear and tear of his 13 years in the NFL are starting to take a toll on his body as well as his playing style which is freewheeling fly by the seat of your pants and take some big hits and small hits along the way.

So for the second season in a row the Steelers turn to their backup Landry Jones. His career stats are of the chart exciting-not, 32 of 55 for 513 yards with 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions and -5 rushing yards. He isn’t Big Ben and he really isn’t a great or even good back-ups quarterback but he is all the Steelers and this is becoming a problem yet again.

Year after year during the NFL draft the Steelers pass round after round on drafting a serviceable quarterback whether as a backup or the eventual heir apparent to Ben. Once again the Pittsburgh Steelers’ front office and head coach Mike Tomlin have put their team in an unfavorable position by not addressing a need at quarterback. If a run to the playoffs was in the Steelers plans they may need to re-think those plans because Landry Jones is not the quarterback to lead them.

It is time, it is actually past the time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to realize that they need to draft a top notch quarterback and start grooming him for the future. Of course no one wants to admit it, but Ben Roethlisberger will not be the first quarterback in history to play football for the rest of his life he will retire and it will be sooner rather than later. Each and every year his body is telling the Pittsburgh Steelers that they need to draft someone to take over, but each year the Steelers insist on taking a defensive player which is great except that the team needs a quarterback in the first round, even second, but not in the sixth or seventh round.

I wrote a column during the draft that the Pittsburgh Steelers should have taken a quarterback in the early rounds to start the process of breaking in a quarterback, guess what they didn’t and yet again Big Ben is hurt.

Do you think the Steelers will take a quarterback in the first or second round of next year’s draft if they don’t make the playoffs. Isn’t that a shame for Steelers Nation that it is going to take a bad season for the upper management to finally realize that they need to draft a quarterback for the future.