The Texans have to do something at quarterback this off-season and the timing couldn’t be worse. There are no good moves out there, you can take a gamble on RG3, you can take a flyer on Brock Osweiler who was as average as they get, or you can take a shot on Chase Daniel who no one knows what he is capable of.

So what will the Texans do? They will probably draft Hackenberg but that is another article altogether. They will probably try to lock down Osweiler, this is better than anyone they currently have and pretty much the best of the worst that is out there right now.

Hey they could go really nuts and bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick (who actually had a good year last year) and I am only half joking about this, it is almost viable, that is how bad the quarterbacking was last season.

Matt Schaub could come back and bring his buddy Andre Johnson both are free agents looking for work, again totally joking, as I try to paint how bleak the picture is for the Texans to find a decent free agent QB.

I would guess the Texans are going to go after Osweiler hot and heavy and if they can’t land him they will look to the draft and if you want my bold prediction they take a shot on RG3 (really doubt it since he is nothing like what O’Brien likes in a QB) and pray.