Their Moment of Clarity, Again and Again

Jace Amaro, NFL preseason game
In all of our (Jets) losses and successes there are lessons. With introspection those lessons become catalyst to growth. For an offensive coordinator, the member of the coaching staff typically in charge of the teams’ offense and offensive game planning, his decisions, losses and successes are forces that dictate the increase and/or decline of any teams’ momentum.
So here we are, we are here and let’s assume the Jets OC has received a moment of clarity.
Before I begin, I would like to make an important note:

Comparing ourselves, our successes and failures to others is counter-intuitive, in fact detrimental to personal happiness.

So in a sense, the reasons for visiting these comparisons to follow is not to compare the Jets to the Seahawks, Cowboys, Patriots or any other successful offense, but in fact to objectively view a framework of offensive combinations used by successful teams that could prove successful for the Jets-Jets-Jets.
Setting the scene: 3rd and 8, seeing the blitz coming, Russel Wilson changes the play at the line of scrimmage. Jimmy Graham’s hair stands on the back of his neck because he knows the ball is coming and it is coming like a rocket. Voila! He catches it beyond the 1st down marker and then adds another 15 yards.  A little dazed by that last play, the defense quickly makes an adjustment and thinks now they have the Cowboys right where they want them. But Dak signals to Jason Whitten to change routes and then puts the ball right between the numbers and now the Cowboys are up two scores. Now to really pound the beaten up secondary, Brady connects to Gronk between two defenders for the 10th time today.  Gronk then takes it in for 6. Going for 2 would seal the victory, and so they decide to go for the 2pt conversion. And there he is old reliable in the back of the end zone, Mattie Ice connects to Tony Gonzalez(ret.) for 2pts.
And what do these combinations have in common some of you may ask? They are a quarterback and tight end combo. They are used as play making combinations that have proven to be part of the winning blueprint for many teams past and present.
Jeff Cumberland
Every time Bowles has told us the Jets are just focused on getting better’ I’ve wondered if it meant the coaching staff had decided to leave the tight end position for someone else to deal with.
Eric Decker
Eric Decker

In 2015, it would have been fair to call the tight end performance catastrophic. Kellen Davis and Jeff Cumberland both combined for 1 touchdown, 8 catches and less than 100 yards. Yet, the Jets almost made it.  Maybe NCAA record holder with the most receiving yards in a season by a TE (1,352) Jace Amaro would have been the great green knight, but his 2015 season ended in the preseason with a broken labrum.

Now at the end of 2016, to say the Jets not only need TE’s but also should learn to use them more in the playbook would be unrelentingly redundant. Using Quincy Enunwa as a hybrid or sticking Eric Decker in the slot hasn’t been as successful as I’m sure Chan Gailey expected.
Watching the Jets and 49ers on Sunday I often fantasized about what the Jets would look like with a TE flashing before Petty’s eyes and then flashing into the end zone. I then wondered if said TE would be the difference in 9-4 versus 4-9.
Moving forward,Chan Gaily rethinking the use of his TE position would be a great push in momentum upwards.This would in turn open the door to making aggressive additions and subtractions as well as meaningful acquisitions to begin redeveloping and reusing the tight end position to increase Petty’s or Romo’s(sigh) options on the field..

…This is tantamount to the Jets success in 2017 and thereafter…

With the end of the college football season and the last quarter of the NFL season brings increasing anticipation and conversations about hopeful draft picks, free agency, steals and deal making.
Please join me on my next post about the upcoming December 17th matchup with the Miami Dolphins and a TE choice I believe would have definitely packed a mean punch for Gang Green!
I’m ready and I hope you are too!