Controlling owner of the Titans, Amy Adams Strunk has been busy this week. She has put out a video talking about where she wants to get the team and about not letting the fans down. Strunk also wrote a letter to season ticket holders trying to get them to keep the faith even though the last few years have been pretty rough.

According to the letter,

“I realize we have not met your expectations, and our recent on-field performance is unacceptable My goal is simple: to return the Titans to the consistent playoff contender we were during our first several years in Nashville.

I will do everything in my power to get this team back among the upper echelon of the league. I thank you for your continued support of the Titans, and we are hard at work to give you the team that you deserve.”

In the letter Strunk also announced that Titans’ season ticket prices will remain the same and not go up in 2016. That would’ve been bad.

Since taking over the reigns as controlling owner in March Strunk has changed the Titans’s president, head football coach and general manager. Steve Underwood took over as the President and Jon Robinson was named GM last month. A few day later the team announced that Mike Mularkey will remain as the coach after taking over when Ken Whisenhunt was fired last October. Fans were getting restless after the season but when Mularkey was named as the head coach they weren’t shy about their disapproval of hiring a coach who has only won 1/3 of his games as a coach in the NFL.

The team has only won five games the last two seasons and morale in Nashville is at an all-time low. Many Titans fans feel that the current ownership is hands-off and doesn’t really care about the team. The late Bud Adams who brought the team to the Music City was always at games and very vocal about the team since he passed away the heirs have flown under the radar and not been involved with the community. Strunk invited season ticketholders to a lunch and dinner on Feb. 18 to get to know her, Underwood, Robinson and Mularkey.

The NFL has not hidden the fact that it is displeased with Tennessee’s ownership structure. When Bud Adams passed away he left the team to daughters Susie Adams Smith and Amy Adams Strunk and his grandson Kenneth S. Adams IV through a trust. Kenneth Adams has been with the Titans since 2006 working in different capacities and will likely lead the team in the future. The league wants the team to have one clear owner and has put pressure on the Titans to get it sorted out. With all the uncertainty there has been speculation that the Titans could be for sale.

The video featuring an interview by Titans’ play by play man Mike Keith was released on the teams website. It’s basically a fluff piece for Strunk to try to tell the fans that everything is going to be fine and the team will get better.

It may be bad in Nashville but the Titans do have the first pick in the draft and with Marcus Mariota as the franchise QB the team should be better in 2016.