With the 2016 NFL Draft less than two weeks away the Titans are now picking 15th after a blockbuster trade with the Rams. Los Angeles will now pick first after giving Tennessee their first round pick, two second round selections and their third round pick this year followed by their first round pick in 2017. Titans’ GM Jon Robinson gave the Rams a fourth and sixth round this year in addition to the top pick in the draft.

Before the trade was announced Tennessee was expected to take Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil with the first pick in the 2016 Draft due to their problems on the offensive line last year. But after dropping all the way back to #15 the Titans are looking at other tackles such as Notre Dame’s Ronnie Stanley Michigan State’s Jack Conklin or Ohio State’s Taylor Decker who could be available in the middle of the first round. With the two QBs, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff likely going #1 and #2 it could set up a sequence of events that drops Tunsil past the top five picks that could put him back in play for the Titans with their extra picks that were acquired from the Rams.

Before the Titans’ GM Jon Robinson traded the top pick the top six was thought to go,
1. Titans-Laremy Tunsil
2. Browns-Carson Wentz or Jared Goff
3. Chargers-Jalen Ramsey
4. Cowboys-Jared Goff or Carson Wentz
5. Jaguars-DeForest Buckner
6. Ravens-Joey Bosa

But with the trade the top six looks to be,
1. Rams-Jared Goff
2. Browns-Carson Wentz
3. Chargers-Jalen Ramsey
4. Cowboys-Joey Bosa
5. Jaguars-DeFores Buckner
6. Ravens-Laremy Tunsil

Tunsil could realistically slide out of the top five. With the run on QBs early a team like the 49ers or Eagles could reach for Paxton Lynch and other players like UCLA LB Myles Jack Florida DB Vernon Hargreaves and Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott who possibly sneaking into the top five Tunsil could fall even further back into the top ten.

Should Tunsil be there at #6 with Baltimore Tennessee could trade up and offer their first round pick and one of their three second round picks to get him. If the Ravens pass and the the 49ers at #7 or Eagles at #8 want to trade back to take Paxton Lynch later Jon Robinson would be there licking his chops at the thought of getting rid of one of his second round picks and still having two more to play with.

To get up to #6 to the Ravens pick the Titans would likely have to offer their first round pick, #15 and their first second round pick, #33 to be able to take Tunsil should he still be available. That leaves Tennessee with the #43 and #45 picks in the second round to still be able to get some playmakers or potentially bundle them and trade back up into the late first round to get someone like Ole Miss DT Robert Nkemdiche.

If the Niners want to trade back Tennessee could offer up their first round pick, #15 and second second round pick, #43 to get to #7 to take Tunsil or Ronnie Stanley. That leaves the Titans with #33 and #43 in the second round.

The Eagles are also a potential trade partner at #8. Robinson could offer up his first round pick and his third second round pick, #45 to get Tunsil or Stanley should they still be there. Tennessee would still have their first two second round picks, #33 and #43 to play with.

Many Titans fans thought that after the trade with L.A. that they wouldn’t be able to get Tunsil but with the way the draft board has been shaken up they still have a path to him and the ammunition to get there with some extra picks left over.

If Jon Robinson can still get his man and still be able to get two playmakers in the second round Titans’ fans should be very optimistic about the future.