The Titans seem to have gotten the best of the Rams in their trade last year for the top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Tennessee got the Rams first round pick and two second round selections in 2016 along with their first round pick in 2017 for the right to pick Jared Goff. There were a few other later round selections thrown in but now that the Rams only have four wins on the season with four games left Tennessee is looking at a likely top ten or possibly even a top five draft pick next year.

If the NFL season ended today here is the draft order for the Top 10 of the 2017 NFL Draft.
1. Cleveland Browns
2. San Fransisco 49ers
3. Jacksonville Jaguars
4. Chicago Bears
5. New York Jets
6. Tennessee Titans
7. Carolina Panthers
8. Cincinnati Bengals
9. New Orleans Saints
10. San Diego Chargers

The Browns and 49ers are likely going to be picking 1 and 2. The Jags could slide into the second spot but could slide to four or five if they win two games late in the year. The Bears and Jets are picking fourth and fifth with three wins each, However, if either picks up one or two wins and the Rams, who are sitting just behind them with four wins lose out the Titans will have a top five pick in next year’s draft.

The Jets play at San Fransisco and New England on the road and home games against the Dolphins and Bills to close out the season. The game against the Niners is very winnable even though New York is a dumpster fire. The Patriots and Dolphins’ games appear to be losses but the up and down Bills could go either way.

The Bears play at Minnesota and Detroit away and get the Packers and Redskins at home. Despite losing Jay Cutler and half their offense Chicago is still competitive and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them hang with the Vikings and Lions on the road and possibly beating the Redskins at Soldier Field.

What really matter to Titans’ GM Jon Robinson is how the Rams finish out. Everyone in Nashville has been rooting against their former coach Jeff Fisher all year now that he is the coach of Los Angeles. With four games against the Falcons, 49ers and Cardinals at home and the Seahawks on the road you can pencil in two losses to Atlanta and Seattle. The game against Arizona is a tossup and the Niners game in L.A. should be a win. However, the 49ers dominated the Rams in week one so all bets are off. In week 16 and 17 the team may have given up with nothing to play for and Arizona and the 49ers could come out on top.

Even if the Rams do pick up a win in the last two weeks they still shouldn’t fall out of the top ten or twelve in the draft with five wins on the season. If L.A. beats San Fransisco and Arizona Tennessee will be looking at a mid-round pick.

Right now the Titans have a shot at the AFC South title and a playoff berth since the Texans have lost three straight. Tennessee will be favored in three of their last four games and will likely be picking in the early-twenties if they win the games they are supposed to. Currently they are 6-6 and if the season ended today they would pick 13th.

Tennessee has improved a lot from last season but still has a lot of holes especially at receiver and corner. With two picks next year in round one they could grab one of each to “Titan Up” their roster to build around QB Marcus Mariota. But with a wheelin’ dealin’ GM like Jon Robinson I wouldn’t put it past him to trade the Rams top ten pick for more picks to build depth like he did last year when he traded back to get Los Angeles’ two second round picks.

A lot still has to play out but with L.A. playing a rookie QB the rest of the season you have to like Tennessee’s chances of getting a top ten pick from the Rams. You also have to like the Titans’ chances of being a playoff contender for years to come.