Todd Bowles will use last seasons’ team atmosphere distractions as motivation to rework the Jets and prepare them for battle in 2017.

Fans especially learned last season when going into battle on game day, unnecessary and easily avoidable team discord hurts the team, the fans and the organization.

In a team sport, the importance of teamwork can never be overstated. It involves the willful participation of the entire team.

Perhaps a significant portion of the Jets last season blunders, miscues and frequent mistakes were directly proportional to simply bad chemistry or bad management. Either way there was an imbalance.

Todd Bowles and Jets new team prepare for battle by Soyica Lyles

When teams are winning, locker room scuffles and practice fields title bouts are rarely topics of analysis and conversation. But, 0-16 or 2-14 or 5-11 puts a team under a microscope. With this, it is a common assumption that maybe the coach lost control of his team.

Since the end of the regular season, Bowles has been working unceasingly to concoct the perfect chemical balance that transcends from the locker room to the practice field and into game day.

Buster Skrine admits “it didn’t click like we wanted it to.” But here’s the important part in all of this from Bowles—

“I know going into next season, it’s going to be a different atmosphere. I’m looking forward to it.”

Two key words –different atmosphere—should be encouraging for remaining teammates, recently added teammates, soon to be drafted teammates and Jets fans.

“We’ll probably be one of the most organized teams in the league. We’re a young team. When you have a younger team, you can tailor your team exactly how you want it to be.  I think that’s how they want it to be. I think we’re going to have a good year.”

Even in individual sports, there is to some degree a support staff that is structured as a team and is essential to the individual athletes’ success.

Moving forward, head coach Bowles’ responsibility is to facilitate an environment conducive to the success of the Jets organization. This, he accepts, understands and is repairing the broken chemistry as it is what will make the New York Jets winners again—“53 playing as one”.