Curse you, NFL Draft! Why can you not make Atlanta’s picks for them!? Why do you torture them so?! Why are they taking their second round option and paying him round 1 money? Why do the Falcons rely on a Twister spinner to make their picks? Because, they suck at this. They really, really suck at the NFL draft.

Each year gets worse. Last year Atlanta passes on Todd Gurley and took Vic Beasley (bust). This year they pass on some great talent (including Laquon Treadwell at WR, Myles Jack, Reggie Ragland, Daron Lee…I’m just going to stop) for SS Keanu Neal. I had the Falcons taking Neal. I like Keanu. He is a great football player. What do I not like? Taking a SS in the top 20 picks who is projected to go 30th overall at his highest point. Beasley was a good football player. He wasn’t first 10 picks good, though. Now, Atlanta has followed suit with yet another pick that they will regret. Atlanta will overpay another one-dimensional position player. Atlanta drafts a rushing-only outside linebacker in the first round in last year’s draft. This year Atlanta selects a safety in round one that will be exposed in coverage. We passed on Darron Lee who is bigger and faster than Neal. Darron would likely have had no problem moving back to safety and filling that same role. For that matter, Myles Jack played Safety and Linebacker for UCLA and did an outstanding job doing so. I’ll take a one-legged Myles Jack 6th overall, much less 16th! The only thing that gives me hope for the Falcons is that they have passed on so much talent that those players might still be around by the time their second round pick comes along. Darron Lee won’t, however. The Jets took him after Atlanta passed. Brilliant. Keep your drinks full, Falcon fans. It doesn’t look like it will get better any time soon.

Atlanta continues to spin the wheel…and it hits bankrupt each and every time.