It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Titans won’t be drafting a QB with the first pick in the draft next month. After drafting Marcus Mariota with the second overall pick last year they have pretty much decided who their quarterback will be for the future. But what if new Titans’ GM Jon Robinson wants to shake things up and destroy other team’s draft boards by taking Carson Wentz or Jared Goff at #1? The Titans could either demand another team give up a boatload of picks or get stuck with one of the top two QBs in the draft.

The Browns flew to North Dakota today to check out Carson Wentz’s Pro Day. Coach Hue Jackson and his QB coach Pep Hamilton went to Fargo to see just what Wentz could do on his own turf after he had a decent showing at the Combine last month and the Senior Bowl in January. Wentz is thought to be either the first or second QB off the board in next month’s draft depending on what kind of mood Mike Mayock or Mel Kiper are in when they fill out their next mock draft. The Cowboys are also said to be very high on Wentz and despite their owner, Jerry Jones stating they would not pick a quarterback with the fourth pick all options are on the table.

Jared Goff is also a stud QB who will go in the top ten. Dallas has worked him out privately and Cleveland has also expressed an interest in him.

With the Browns at #2, Cowboys at #4, 49ers at #7, Bears at #11, Eagles at #13, and Rams at #15 all possibly considering a QB the Titans could blow up all of their draft boards by taking Wentz or Goff first. With only one elite quarterback prospect on the board the Browns could still get which ever one Tennessee didn’t take but five other team would miss out. Christian Hackenburg, Connor Cook and Paxton Lynch could get a look but every GM would have to reconfigure their draftboards if the Titans put a sequence of events into effect by taking Wentz or Goff.

The Browns would draft Goff or Wentz, whoever was left unless they wanted to trade the Titans another pick or someone like Joe Thomas and their first round pick to get the other QB they wanted. If they passed the Chargers would get to pick Laremy Tunsil, Joey Bosa or Jalen Ramsey. The Cowboys would then have to try to make a trade with Tennessee. It goes on down the line.

But this scenario could blow up in the Titan’s face if they get stuck with a QB that they don’t need. With so many holes on the team Tennessee desperately needs help in the secondary, offensive line and at receiver. By getting stuck with Wentz or Goff Tennessee misses out on Tunsil or Ramsey, who would contribute right away.

New Titans GM Jon Robinson has been a heck of a poker player so far. Earlier this month he acquired the leading rusher from 2014 for swapping fourth round picks with Philadelphia. Could he grab a QB and make other teams beg and offer up the farm to get him? Right now the only leverage the Titans have in trading the first pick is that Cleveland will take a quarterback at #2. Any team that wants the pick of the litter will have to jump them and trade with Robinson. But if Tennessee surprises everyone and take a QB he could put pressure on the Cowboys, Rams, 49ers, Eagles, and even the Jets at #20 to do something outlandish to get a premier QB.

It’s a long shot and I doubt it happens but if Robinson wants to gamble he could roll the dice and come out with a lot of picks or he could wind up with a really good backup QB.