The NFL Draft got a lot more interesting thanks to the Los Angeles Rams trading for the No. 1 pick.

The Rams are not foolish enough to pay a king’s ransom for a defensive player. Instead, they will draft a quarterback.

it was important they jump ahead of the quarterback-hungry Cleveland Browns. Mission accomplished.

Reports indicate the team is leaning towards Jared Goff at No. 1. This is surprising considering Carson Wentz pulled off a historic performance at his Pro Day. Luckily, the Rams got two weeks to figure it out.

So who should the Rams select at No. 1?

Without question it must be Goff. The Rams can not leverage their future on potential. They must select the pro ready Goff.

Forget the questions about his hand size. Goff could become the starter Day One. He could team up with an underrated defense and developing Todd Gurley for a highly competitive team. Goff brings experience playing high-level competition from the Pac-12, unlike Wentz. Also, Goff makes sense for the Rams scheme which utilizes Pro and Spread offense elements.

It would be better for Goff, or any rookie to develop more, but Goff is more ready to become the face of the franchise. Wentz will struggle going from North Dakota media to the No. 2 media market.

Either way, it is clear the Rams are not waiting for Week One to capture headlines in Los Angeles. Now they need to select their franchise signal-caller in Goff.