Why the Colts should draft a QB FIRST round!


….They shouldn’t….Duh! (Sorry for the scare Mr. Luck….Excited about the bookclub though!)


Anyways…. Now that I’ve got you here, you might as well just listen to what I have to say about tonight’s spectacle that is the 1st round of the NFL Draft.

This isn’t one of those numbers driven, “fancy smansy”, mock drafts or predictions of who will soon be receiving that call from the Indy War Room. (As seen on ESPN seemingly 24/7 for the last month)

This is more of a “final check in” before it all goes down tonight. Also, it could be seen as a last minute reminder that we should have NO expectations when it comes to this upper brass and their drafting methods.

GM Ryan Grigson and Owner Jim Irsay have been open about their “best player on the board” policy when their pick comes up. As I brought up a few posts ago, that’s not always the best idea.

There have already been quite a few shakeups in this year’s draft… The top two picks of the draft have both been traded for in the last month. So, I expect even more madness once teams are “on the clock”.

Personally after listening to all of these mock drafts and predictions, after the top two QBs go off the board with the first two picks, every other player is considered a top pick to help a team immediately.

So basically what I’m trying to say is, by the time the 18th pick is up and the Colts go on the clock, who knows who will be on the board. Indy could just as easily end up with a player they don’t necessarily “need” such as RB Derrick Henry, as they would a O-lineman like Taylor Decker or Ryan Kelly.

My advice to my fellow fans….. Just be ready for anything!

(Except HOPEFULLY a first round QB)

I will admit I was highly critical of the 1st round choice of Phillip Dorsett last year because of the presumed depth on the WR group last off season. But I will admit that now, that seems to be a very great pickup thanks to the complete disappearance of Andre Johnson.

Now let’s hope he, and the rest of the WRs on the roster can do something they weren’t able to do last season….. Stay healthy.


Although, I’m taking my own advice and getting prepared for anything, I’m still holding out on the hope that ole Grigs and Irsay can protect the face of their franchise with 1st round O-line talent.

Happy Drafting!