Coming into the 2015 season the Browns had a plan at quarterback. Josh McCown was the starter and Johnny Manziel was being groomed as the QB of the future. McCown signed a three year deal before the season and many thought he would be gone once the year was up and Manziel would be the starter in 2016. Unfortunately Manziel couldn’t get out of his way.

Manziel was suspended during the 2015 season for partying and lying about it after going to rehab last year. The coaches got tired of it and started Austin Davis instead as they year came to an end. Now with all the uncertainty around Johnny Football will Cleveland cut bait and move on now that they have the #2 pick in the draft?

The 2016 NFL Draft is stocked with QBs. Sitting at #2 the Browns will get their choice if they decided to go that route since Tennessee drafted Marcus Mariota last year. Unless the Titans trade out of the spot Cleveland will have their pick of Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook or Christian Hackenburg. Goff appears to be the top quarterback prospect in the draft after lighting up Pac-12 defenses all year. It didn’t hurt his cause when he threw for six touchdowns in his bowl game last week against Air Force. Lynch, Cook and Hackenburg all struggled in their games against SEC teams making Goff look even better.

The Browns need a lot of help and there will be a lot of fans that want to see them take Joey Bosa from Ohio State to bolster their defense. Florida State corner Jalen Ramsey may be too good to pass up as well. Cleveland has a lot of holes and after a 3-13 there is a lot to fix.

But if I am Browns owner Jimmy Haslam I go after the best QB I can get my hands on. Firing the coach and GM means you are starting from scratch and you really can’t afford to mess up this pick. By picking a stud QB that hopefully isn’t a bust you can keep your fan base excited and patient as they wait for the young quarterback to develop.

But for all we know Cleveland could trade back and get more picks. All options should be on the table. The Browns fans want to win and they are tired of missing the playoffs every year. Hopefully the Browns can get their franchise jumpstarted with the 2016 NFL Draft and stop picking in the top ten every year.