With Ryan Fitzpatrick seemingly up in the air the Jets are unsettled at QB heading into the 2016 Draft later this month. Geno Smith will likely be the starter in New York but all indications are he isn’t Todd Bowles’ guy and the team wants to draft a quarterback this year. But with the Rams shaking up the draft last week by trading up to #1 it’s all but certain that either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff will go in the top two. Picking at #20 this year Jets’ GM Mike Maccagnan doesn’t have the ammunition to get to #2 unless he wants to give away multiple first round picks and mortgage the future which he won’t likely do. Memphis QB Paxton Lynch is a solid option for New York if they can get him.

In most mock drafts Lynch is projected anywhere from #8 to #31. With so much uncertainty with the Rams-Titans trade a team like the Eagles at #8 could reach for the Memphis QB simply due to supply and demand. Philly needs a QB and after Wentz and Goff he’s the next best option. Lynch could fall to New York at #20 but with Buffalo picking right in front of them at #19 also needing and QB and the Broncos trying to find a way to move up to get Lynch the Jets may have to move up to get him. Where could they move up to without giving up a ton of picks? The Titans of course. Tennessee’s GM Jon Robinson has shown that he’s not scared to make a deal. With all the holes on his roster he needs all the picks he can get to make the Titans into a playoff contender.

New York could trade up five spots to #15 by offering their first and second round picks, #20 and #51. The Titans would give up their first and fifth round selections in return, #15 and #140. This assures the Jets that they can get Lynch and Tennessee winds up with a late first round pick and four second round picks to play with to restock their roster.

If the Jets want to address other needs such as pass rusher and tight end they could go with Ohio State LB Darron Lee or Arkansas TE Hunter Henry and wait and try to get Connor Cook or Dak Prescott in the second round.

New York will draft a QB in the draft but with other teams like L.A., Cleveland, Denver, Buffalo and possibly Arizona looking to do the same thing the Jets may have to trade up. We learned last week that the Titans will always pick up the phone if someone is looking to make a deal.