Doug Baldwin. Michael Bennet. Jermaine Kearse. Thomas Rawls. These guys, and 20 others, formed the backbone of the Seahawks roster in 2015. Everyone one of these players went undrafted. Every one of these players earned a spot on the roster the same way as everybody else. By competing. By winning the competition that exists for every spot on the roster. And now the next group of undrafted free have arrived. Which of this years group has the potential to be the next starter? We’ll take a look over the next few weeks. Today we tackle, well, a tackle.

George Fant

Tackle, Western Kentucky

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A good college basketball player turned tight end prospect, who wows with his combination of size, speed, and athleticism. From modern stars like Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham, to retired legends like Tony Gonzales, the NFL has a history of basketball players turned quality NFL players.

That’s what makes George Fant of Western Kentucky so interesting. Prior to his senior year, Fant hadn’t played football since 8th grade. However, he bulked up from 250 to 294lbs, and his Pro Day performance (37″ vertical, 4.83 second 40 yard dash) turned heads around the league. Now he’s in Seattle, competing for a spot on the roster or practice squad.

Fant played tight end in college, though he’s just as likely to become Offensive Line Coach Tom Cable’s next project as a tackle. Given the success the team had making that transition with Gary Gilliam, that seems like a possibility. In either situation Fant looks to be a probable practice squad member.

Whether George Fant makes the team remains to be seen. Calling him raw may be overselling his experience. That said, he fits the Seahawks mold of selecting raw talent and upside over college productivity. He’s a player to watch in the preseason.